The merch booth is the place a concert goer go to hang out if:

1.) The headlining band sucks and you only came there for the opener.

2.) You wanna meet the opening band.

3.) You wanna go smoke some blunts.

4.) You wanna go buy overpriced band merchandise.

The merch booth can be a place to meet people who are fans of the same band as you, a place to call your buddy on the cellphone, or just a place to be a wallflower. The most important part of the merch booth lurker is to never actually buy the merch they are trying to sell to you.
1.) "Dammit Deftones is playing now. Let's go hang by the MERCH BOOTH."

2.)"OMIGODDDDD the band is coming to the MERCH BOOTH to sign my tits!!!!"

3.)"Hold on, I'm gonna go smoke some weed by the MERCH BOOTH."

4.)"55 bucks for a concert shirt? Okay."
by Legion Tory April 3, 2007