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the largest hmong gang to ever exist. a lot of other hmong gangs talk shit about them but when they roll through, for example at the hmong new year festival, all the other gangs fear and don't dare to go inside. if they do go inside they act all innocent because they don't want to get jump by all mods.
hns/ac : man fuck mod man they aint shit they think they tight

mod: i heard you talkin shit, i'ma beat yo ass right here and at the new years.

hns/ac: mom! tell that kid vang outside to stop threatening me, i'm scared now!

mod: hahah little pussy had to go tell big pussy hahaha * shouts at the crab* " MENACE OF DESTRUCTION FOR LIFE BITCH FUCK crabz"
by correcting the corrected March 11, 2009
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