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Commonly referred to as MGTOW, these are men who see society for what it is by "taking the red pill". It's overall a commitment to intellectual honesty in seeing that this society (American) hates men, is indifferent to their suffering and doesn't care about you.
men going their own way: The fact that no one funds male contraceptives even though the male reproductive system is way less complex than the female reproductive system. We've had female contraception for how long now? And why is testing male contraceptives in America banned? Also why did feminists oppose these male contraceptives and ideas? Exactly.

men going their own way: Men will be arrested and detained indefinitely just by a woman claiming you raped her and have your life totally destroyed. (See Brian Banks. And it makes you think, how many men are in jail for "rape"?)

men going their own way: You're life (as a man) is less important than women and children even though their lives are not possible without our aid. (See titanic, and basically any ship sinking or life threatening situation.)
by The Commander In Chief January 10, 2014
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