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1. Lord of the ring's online famous loremaster. it has been heard no one can beat her.
2. a loremaster on vilya whos origins are not known, it is only known that her and her runekeeper friend rorsarch cannot be stopped by any power the game has yet to offer
conversation in kin.
Azurez: hey dude i heard you and mel duod sambrog
Rorsarch: yep no deaths
Azurez: damn how doyou two do it. i hopei can be as good of a loremaster as her one day/
Rorsarch: yeah keep dreaming queer
Azurez: shut up when you speak to me.
Rorsarch: really... your an idiot
Azurez: ill cut you
Rorsarch: ill get melawe to kill you
Azurez: anything but that, she clearly has more skillz than i or any other lm
by RORSARCH!!@#! December 06, 2010
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