A slur commonly used by Italians and Italian-Americans to denote a person of color. Melanzane in Italian means "Eggplant", which itself is used as a slur against blacks because of the almost black color of an eggplant.

The word Melanzane (or Melanzana) derives from the words Mela Insana, meaning "noxious apple". It is often pronounced "Moolinyan" and written as such.
"Don't come around here no more you f*cking Melanzane (pronounced moolinyan) or I'll kill you." says Italian mobster Francis LoCascio to a black drug dealer.

"F*ckin' Moolinyan, black son of a bitch! Get the f*ck back to Jamaica." says Italian mobster Vito Satrianicchi to black hustler.

"Keep the drugs to the eggplants. I don't want them sold to Italians or any whites. Capisce?" says mob boss Carmine Smadaluzzo to his Heroin dealers.
by Alexander Giuseppe November 20, 2006
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