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A term which is used to describe a Mexican person in a slightly derogatory fashion. The word can be used as a noun (mekjah) or as a progressive verb (mekjah'ing).

Origin: Originating in the Southern California/Los Angeles area within the Korean-American community. The word is derived from the Korean language but can be used by any person/persons.
Noun: You guys were such mekjah's in Vegas. There were 8 of you packed into an '02 Corolla blasting mariachi music while driving down the strip with your windows down. wtf.

Verb: We were driving down the 110 when we passed by a '92 Datsun trunk with 4 beaners in the front and 7 mekjah'ing it in the back.
by mekjah-4-lyfe March 05, 2012
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