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Mein Skampf is a first-wave ska band from Cleveland, Ohio, with such hits as "Skanking in the Night" and "Skalloween".
They started in October, 2007, and already have several shows scheduled in the Cleveland area. They have one EP recorded, and have a full length track on the way. When listening to them, be ready to skank.
-Wow! Have you heard of Mein Skampf?
-Yea! They're the best band ever!
by Mein Skampf November 26, 2007
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A 3rd wave ska band from Cleveland, Ohio. They are not racist (though the name may appear so)
Their name grabs your attention, then their shockingly good beats and original songs keeps you on your feet and skanking.

They have written songs such as:
Mein Skampf
Uncle Addie
Raise Your Checkered Flag
Skanking in the Night

On November 10th, 2007
they will record their first album
-That new ska band Mein Skampf kicks total ass!
-I know! There songs are great and I can't wait to buy their first album!
by Mein Skampf November 07, 2007
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