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Condition brought on by excessive use of a Sega Megadrive or downloaded Sega emulator, characterised by extreme hyperactivity.

Symptoms include but are not limited to; insomnia, RSI, binge eating cupcakes, eye twitches and nervous tics. Similar effects can be induced by crushing a coffee bean into your eye or (memo: fact check) overdosing on speed.
Wynette: Mark my words, we are going to beat Alien Storm today.

Louis: Wynette, I highly doubt it.

*7 hours later*

Wynette: Oh no, oh bollocks, I think I’m going into megadrive overdrive! I can't sleep! But I have to beat Alien Storm and then all of Sword of Vermillion.

Louis: We’d better take the day off work tomorrow.
by wmmw May 29, 2009
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