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A time, typically between 9 and 9:45, where people attending CTY interact. It is sort of a social time. This time is immediately following study hall, allowing for people who were cooped up in a room reading and learning for the past two hours to go and hit on their peers with reckless abandon.

The word "meetmarket" has inspired criticism from the administration because of its sexual connotation. They have, time and time again, attempted to rename this time things like "quad craze" or "social time" but the people attending CTY have resisted this change.
"Dude, I'm so going to ask Shelly out during meetmarket."

During meetmarket, the unsuspecting Jebediah was double-homped by Goatie and Paca.
by Paca March 16, 2005
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A social network dating site. Play off of meat market.
That site is such a meet market. I took my profile down- the whole process creeps me out.
by amesababe December 06, 2010
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