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People using this expression are referring to God. It refers to the Christian belief that when we die, we are called to account for our lives before God. So if I say I'm "ready to meet my maker", I mean that I am ready to give God an accounting of my life; I am ready die.
Are you ready to meet your maker?
by imspringer November 05, 2013
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To "meet your maker" is often used as a reference to death or to die. Your maker being god, so when your about to die by either natural causes (old age, terminal illness) or unnatural causes (shot in the face or killed in a car accident) you are about to or well on your way to meeting your maker.
"Mike came to the horrific realization that he was close to death as he lay in a pool of his own blood. He Mike knew that the 6 bullet holes to the chest and abdomen were fatal and that within minutes he would succumb to his wounds. The Last words that he was ever going to hear from anyone was that of what Johnny Boy said before he opened fire on the unarmed and completely defenseless Mike. "Hey fuckface I'm sending you off to Meet Your Maker."
by Jamrock with your cock out September 17, 2013
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