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A misspelling of "metal" (obviously only used on myspace and AIM since the pronunciation of the two are exactly the same) commonly used by scene kids or any member of several sub-genres of human being not usually associated with heavy music. Usualy followed by "br00tl" or, in person, a "metal claw," it is meant to describe a band as being heavy while, 9 times out of 10, it's not. Once a common term used by scenesters it is now more of a tongue-in-cheek expression used to make fun of someone who thinks it's still cool to say medl even though that person was probably saying it themself about a week previously. "Medl," "br00tl," and "the metal claw" usually irritate metal heads who actually take their music seriously and know what makes something heavy. However, any false "medl-heads" are usually ignored since they're not worth correcting.
Scene kid: Bullet for my Valentine is so medl

Real metalhead: *Can't hear because he/she turns up the Deicide*
by WrathMatt August 08, 2007
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