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When a woman faces a wall, puts her hands on the wall, bends over, and clenches her ass as tight as she can. Her partner then runs full speed at her from across the room to see if he can get his dick in the intended hole. He repeats until he breaches her defenses.

This can be very painful for the male if he misses.
This can also be very painful for the girl if he breaches the wrong hole.
Your little sister must work out cause her ass is tighter than a shampoo bottle. I had to medieval battering ram her 3 times before I even got it in!

Doctor, I think I broke my cock in half. It happened last night when I medieval battering rammed my best friend's mom. I told her I wanted to make love, but that bitch likes it rough every time.
by Trabe An January 23, 2007
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