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A very smart and beautiful girl. She is usually blond, skinny and tall girl. You have to be friends with her, otherwise you have no life. She has a great friend named Sophie (loop up Sophie, she is also very fantastic, just like mechteld!).
Sophies and Mechtelds are very smart, and will go to a university in Tilburg. Anyone wants to join us? When you do, you wants to be friends with us, cause we're great!

As you read you will notice we have a very big ego. Can't blame us, we're awesome. Duh! Yesss it's trueee (Thats a song, look it up!)
With us, you alwayss have a good time! Especially when we are drunk, than we are the funniest people in the world! (If you want to see this, you have to go to the famous 3 gezusters in Nijmegen (Thats in Holland in case you don't know, which is very dum if you don't know it!)

Sophies and Mechtelds are also very broke. Always. So when you see them in 3 gezusters you have to give them a drink, or 10!
We are going to Lloret de Mar and our dream is to live on upper east side in MANHATTAN! We loveeee Gossip Girl! And we like to gossip, a lot!

Our teachters always hate us, we don't know why, because we're awesome. We always like the wrong guys, very wrong. Bad boys, stupid boys. Boys suck. But sadly enough we still love them ! <3 :'(
So trustfond babies go to the 3 gezusters in Nijmegen (Holland) and meet us! We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Now you know who we are!
Love, Mechteld & Sophie
S: Mechteld, lets go to the 3 gezusters and meet a trustfond baby!
M: Great idea, lets go!

In the 3 gezusters:

Trustfond babies: We wanne marry you, you guys are awesome!
M&S: Oke, but only if yuou give us a ring from Tiffany's & Co!
Trustfond babies: Ofcourse and we will live on upper east side!
M&S: Finally, we have been waiting for so long!

And they live happily ever after on the upper east side with a lot of beautiful shoes, clothing and bags!
by Mechteld&sophieareawesome January 11, 2012
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