A guy that fits commonly held false male stereotypes, or is macho/ hyper masculine. Usually a meat and potatoes guy assumes that all other guys are like him, and is usually ultra conservative with little broad life experience. Ultra nurturing type, patient women are attracted to these type of guys, and love to baby and protect them, from the realities of life, outside of their own limited experiences. Deep down a meat and potatoes guy is terrified of change, and they tend to be incredibly over sensitive underneathe it all, which can be cute to women who really need to be needed. Sometimes meat and potatoes guys are a little too limiting for the type of woman who likes to get out and explore and live a little, whether that be physically, mentally, emotionally, or all 3 at the same time.
Sue ; "Yeah, this new guy I am dating won't even let me put a finger in his ass. Man, he knows how hygenic I am. I can't believe this."

Diane; "Are you sure you guys are a good match...in ALL ways?"

Sue ; "No I am not. I am starting to think he is a real meat and potatoes man."
by Marie717 June 4, 2016
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