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A successor to the dangerous DC-10. It wasn't nearly as scary but just as inefficient! Longer, heavier, and arguably uglier. Couldn't land as short as the DC-10 and was too thirsty for fuel to compete with the 777 or the A330. It had a big following in the aviation enthusiast world but struggled to find a home in any modern commercial airline. They didn't crash as much mostly because they didn't fly as much. Any airline that still has one is working desperately to get rid of it.
"Oh, look! A DC-10!"

No, Larry, that's an MD-11."

"A what?"
by TheCarFanatic March 09, 2014
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A very cool-looking plane made by McDonnell-Douglas (now Boeing) between 1988 and 2000. Basically a leaner and meaner DC-10 (bigger, more capacity, longer range, bigger engines, more efficient, and didn't need a flight engineer.) Not a failure, but still a disappointment, as only 200 were built. Looks good, sounds cool, and very interesting design but just didn't deliver.

Someone should ask Boeing to sell the MD-11's design to make a cargo jet approximately 10-20% longer than the Boeing 777-9. Would use three GP-7270 engines (the same as the Airbus A380) in the same layout as the MD-11 and DC-10 but a high-thrust variant with perhaps 110,000 pounds-force of thrust. Would fill the gap between the 777 freighter and the cargo version of the 747-8.
Brad: What's your favourite plane?

Tyler: The MD-11.

Brad: A what?

Tyler: Basically a bigger DC-10.
by ELXN96902 June 06, 2018
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