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The gigantic mole on Nanny Mcphee's face. Of all the disgusting stuff she has on her face at the start of the movie the mole is always the first to disappear when the little brats have learned their first "Mcphee-ism." At the sart of the movie she has the gigantic mole, huge buck "tooth," gigantic butt, and all types of other cosmetic nastiness....

By the end of the movie all her bodily grossness disappears and she is this gorgeous middle aged model looking woman (gotta love Hollywood).
When I was a little boy this ghastly looking pizza face woman said she was my nanny...she hit me with her cane and magical fairy dust engulfed the air...I choked on it and sneezed a big fairy dust booger on the Nanny's already wretched face. The next morning, I woke up and tripped on this huge brown squishy thing with what looks to be human hair growing out of it on the floor. That's when Nanny Mcphee materialized out of thin air and was conspicuously missing her mcphee mole!
by MYSTICBLU July 14, 2012
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