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A game played on a tennis court, like a combination of baseball and tennis. A pitcher stands behind one side of the net and pitches the tennis ball across the net where the other team must hit the ball back over the net. If the ball hits the net or leaves the tennis court it is an out. 3 outs and the teams switch sides. To get an out, the ball must be caught in the air, thrown to the pitcher from the spot where they throw before a runner gets to a base, or a runner must be pegged. A strikeout makes the teams automatically switch sides no matter how many outs. Requires at least 2 v 2 players and depending on the size of the tennis court can be up to 5 v 5. The game is 9 innings long and teams switch after 3 outs like regular baseball.
Dude, let's get the Bros and go play some mcdoodleball at the tennis courts.
by Richard Richards March 13, 2018
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