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Mayiona is a girl who loves to joke she is more tough then you think she has that look that nobody can forget she loves laughing and she loves talking she loves basketball and football and video games she doesn't like hanging with just one gender she hangs with that group filled with boys and girls she very smart and mysterious and has her own style loves when people complement her but doesn't show it .she has that every things peachy attitude but a great friend loyal and will not stab you in the back she might try to hide it but she is very freaky . Once you see her smile /laugh I promise you do not want to lose that .she is very sexy she might forget that but you gotta remind her .if u have a mayiona dont EVER lose her it might take time for her to adjust to new people she starts off a relationship shy and then she will show her goofy crazy side if you let her also she likes guys that just go for it if you wanna kiss her then do it .
Man 1. Wow who is that ?
Man 2? O that's mayiona she is very chill and cool and loves to laugh a lot

Man 1 Imma go talk to her
Man 1 hey

Mayiona hi

Man 1 you are sexy

Mayiona thanks

Man 1 u wanna go out on a date

Mayiona yea but nothing fancy probably a video game or a movie

Man 1 ok u are jus like me

Mayiona lol
by Shaynae williams July 18, 2018
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