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mattyj is the answer to almost everything, he is also a person from scotland, if anyone asks you a question, and you do not know the answer, mattyj will always be handy, this is the most legendary word ever. mattyj
Person 1: Can you do that?

Person 2: Aye, am mattyj
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A name for someone whose first name is Matt and last name begins with a "J". Mattyjs have sex with thier bosses often. Mattyjs are usually short little men with brown hair and blue eyes. Mattyjs are from Vermont or New Hampshire and their penises are generally quite small. Also, Mattyj's have dry little nubbins for fingers and often times chafe easily because of this.
Man, you know why MattyJ keeps getting raises at White's?


Because he's doing Mr. Bona!

Well yeah...he's Mattyj.
by William Balch November 29, 2006
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