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the hottest guy you will ever meet. so athletic, attractive, funny, smart and is such a caring amazing friend. has a huge dick and any guy would want him, he is loved by all and doesn't have many haters, he is such a white boy and always has starbucks, he hookups up with tons of guys and is so incredibly tall. matthiew is such a loyal friend and will stick by you and be there for you when you need it and will never leave your side, he will always listen to you and hear what you have to say and won't judge you for who you are, he is so cray cray and that's what's amazing about him. his persons one of a kind and there is truly no one else in the world like him
"omg did u see matthiew, he's lookin HOT today"
"matthiew is a fucker"
by babyjwadd June 25, 2017
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