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maybe you’ll get horny from this ;)

It was a normal weekend, and nothing much was happening. I go downstairs and notice my parents getting ready to go out. “We’re going to a nearby area to hang out with friends, we’ll be back at 11 pm.” Yes! I have 5 hours all to myself! I knew what I was going to do at that moment. Just to check, I look out the window to the driveway to make sure my parents were well out of the neighborhood. I rush upstairs. I pull out my computer and turn it on and go to my favorite porn website. I pick out a video that made me horny, and started taking of my pajamas. I go to the mirror and watch my boobs jiggle as I walk. I take my naked body to my parents room and take thier lube. I go back to my room walking slowly and sexually. I get on the floor and spread my legs in front of the mirror. My pussy was slightly wet. I had a tight pussy and a nice big, stretched anus. I flip the cap of the lube off, and pour it down my body. I look at myself in my mirror while doing that. I walk over to my bed and rub my clit against the side of the Frame. I grap my computer and take it back to my mirror. I spread my legs again, this time switching my view between the mirror and the porn. I put my fingers against my pussy and pull, exposing the layers. Once I do that I insert my finger rubbing my clit as I go. Wishing I had something else, I crawl to my drawer of dildos. After pulling one out I slowly insert it rubbing as I go.i began to orgasm and moan as loud as I can.
This part of the masturbation story I won’t finish, because I’m evil
by Jaysvwhdhwjshwvshs May 29, 2018
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