A type of relationship which is mostly used to define a kink or a fetish of being used and ordered as a pet. Or, in BDSM it's usually discribing a sub who wants to take orders from a master. A Master/pet relationship generally a more affectionate or loving than a Master/slave relationship. When being a pet, you usually roleplay as an animal such as a dog or a cat, and you eat from a doggie bowl/cat bowl on the floor, no hands, and is used as a sextoy, a playmate, or as a maid.
Ethan : "Aye dude how did the date go?"
Joe : "It was alright, I wanted to do her but she was into master/pet stuff."
Ethan : "Mind if I have her number..?"
by Ivye~~ Dizzzyy May 26, 2019
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