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Possibly one of the Greatest Hong Kong Kung Fu action flics that has ever been made. Features the incredible Jimmy Wang Yu as the One-Armed Boxer Yu Tieh-lun, in the sequel to the movie with the same name, facing off against the blind Ching assassin, Flying Guillotine Fung Cheh Wu Chi; who wields one of the greatest kung fu weapons ever conceived, the flying guillotine (aka: flying beanie hat of death/decapitation). Most notable feature of the this movie being that it actually manages a fairly coherent and cohesive plot. original Chinese title: Du bi quan wang da po xue di zi (1975)
The man frickin walks on the ceilings at will and fights Dhalsim from Street Fighter! What more could you ask for!?!? Your life is not complete without seeing Master of the Flying Guillotine

One Armed Bum: smashes flies on table with his hand One, two, three, four, five, six, seven... I killed seven with one blow! A new record! Hahahahahahahaaa! Hey waiter, bring me some more wine and food, would ya? Hahahaha!
Waiter: after eating, Bum realizes he has no money to pay, gets up and tries to leave What's this? You leaving? Without paying your bill?
One Armed Bum: And, and what if I haven't paid? Do you know who I am, huh?
Waiter: laughs incredulously Who are ya?
One Armed Bum: slaps waiter's hand Godammit! You don't know who I am? You never heard of me? Well, listen: Listen all of you! I happen to be the "One Armed Boxer!" See that? I killed seven! That should be enough for you! Yeah, I killed seven with one blow! Did you ever hear of anyone doing that?
small crowd gathers
Waiter: Alright, where are the seven men you killed then?
One Armed Bum: Well, they weren't exactly men... they were flies!
everyone laughs
Fung Sheng Wu Chi: Fung Sheng Wu Chi throws flying guillotine at One Armed Bum, decapitating him. Everyone panics and runs. Fung Sheng approaches waiter Was he the One Armed Boxer?
Waiter: He wasn't the One Armed Boxer! He was just a bum!
waiter leaves
Fung Sheng Wu Chi: I don't care who he was. I plan to kill every one armed man I come across here.
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