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The "Massive Brown Trout" is a strange illustrious bowl movement known across Europe, North America and parts of Latin America.

The "Massive Brown Trout" has been listed on the endangered species list in many parts of Central Africa due to the inhabitants of said continent having issues in replicating fecal forgery

The "Massive Brown Trout" differs from its well known cousin the "Brown Trout" due to its sheer seize and mass.

The Massive Brown Trout has evolved through the intake of fibre rich foods and has gained notoriety for its lingering smell which has been known to knock a traveller of his sister, if said smell has been inhaled.
Ayye Tommy, I left a "Massive Brown Trout" in the toilet bowl yesterday evening and now the toilet won't flush.
by GIL18 May 12, 2018
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