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A gay man who does not identify with being feminone or womenly at all. Ofthen likes the sport of baseball, the video game mortal kombat, and the rock band nirvana. If you know a guy who has any of those 3 interests then you may have a mascay on your hands, and should take it into consideration and try not using the words "faggot" or "gay" around him. Comes from combining 2 words masculine and gay into one. The exact opposite of it would be a pheminone straight man.
Becca: "Dang Girl, did you see that guy over there getting ready to bat!"
Jill: "Yeah I did, to bad he's a mascay."
Becca: "What are you serious?!"
Jill: "Yeah he came out of the closet a couple months ago, theres his boyfriend over there cheering him on with the nirvana shirt on."
Becca: "What!?, why all the hot men gotta be gay!."
by The Koolest Ciller December 22, 2007
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