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A last name of a bad ass who will do anything for the people he loves. If you r his enemy you are already dead. If you r his friend he will be with you until the end. When he walks in a room fear and intimidashion flow over everyone
by Jason Martenez July 28, 2015
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That one bucktooth nigga whose always complaining about everyone and everything like anyone gives a shit. He then cries like a little bitch and goes on damage control when faced with the slightest bit of criticism, usually pussying out in the process. Whenever he tries to act tough he just closes his hand into a fist in order to look threatening, only to open it and sit back down later on. Motherfucking bitch nigga. Also makes weird crossover fan fictions about Naruto and Zelda characters cause he's that much of a weird ass nigga and neither him or his family owns a car.
Yo I hate this shitty ass *redacted*
Shut the fuck up Martenez, your parents don't even own a car.
Shut up asshole I'll beat you up. *barks like a bitch*
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by Pain_Uchiha September 23, 2019
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