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This is a place in Wigan, a place you all should know,
you get jumped at the parks or every corner you should go.
It's normal for rape and a bit of drug dealing
lets drink every friday and do abit of stealing.
Cocaine and trackies are a must you can't wear black,
if you break this rule your a "sweddy mosher" you'l get a smack.
The worst place in Wigan but definately the best for druggys
13 year old mums pushing 2 quid buggys.
This is the understatement as its far worse than this
3 year old kids search the streets but really "dont diss"
Coz by living in marsh green you need to be in the crew
if your by any chance gay unlucky for you.
You need balls of steal and windows of steal aswell,
if someones done something you darnt tell.
Coz neighbours are nosey and the language is f*cking bad,
dont mess with the posseys they'll "bang you lad".
So thats marsh green for you proper decent you can tell,
now empty yer pockets you f*cking c*nt you sweddy mosher you smell.
"have you got a lighter"

someone from marsh green = scrubber
by yamate September 19, 2008
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