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New mentholated ciggarette from marlboro, released in a sleek blue and silver pack to compete with newports, and known for their andes-mint-like taste. Doing so well that 100's size are to be released.
"Hey Jimmy, lets run in da sto' and grab some Newports" "No way man, ima get me's some Marlboro Smooths, dey taste like andes mints!"
by Some Social Smoker August 16, 2007
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The best menthol cigarette anyone could have. Taste like pepermint, but not too overpowering.
Jim: I really need a cigarette!
Jon: Here, have marlboro smooth.
Jim:(takes a drag) Wow these are nice and minty. I don't think i will be smoking kools anymore.
Jon: You were smoking kools? why, those are really nasty?
by kman998 March 27, 2010
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