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Ex footballer and football pundit/commentator for the BBC's Match of the Day. Born 9th June 1962 on a ferry crossing the River Mersey. Won shit loads with Liverpool FC during the 70s and 80s but nothing with the rep of Ireland or northern Ireland. It came to light in 1990 that his father Dougal was a submarine captain in the Irish navy during world war 2 and that he had torpedoed the Bismark and sank it (sunday sport). His Mother Mary was rumoured to be the inspiration for Paul McCartneys song Let it be. Other than that the guy's a totally opinionated cock who knows fuck all about anything apart from dodgy thatched cottage type hair styles, telling crap jokes and manlove fantasies about Gary Lineker
Gary Lineker " Lets go over live to the emirates stadium with our commentators John Motson and that twat Mark Lawrenceson"
John Motson " Thanks Gary, the crowd are really fired up for this one today "
Mark Lawrenceson " Yes Motty I think its gunner be a good one...ha ha ha "
John Motson " for fuck sake Lawro take the fucking day off "
Mark Lawrenceson " ha ha ha ....gunner be good....ha ha ha"
by Rob St Evenage March 06, 2008
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