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a Mariaclara is a confident Latina girl, she is the type of person who can blab about themselves all day long and always has something new to say. Her curvaceous body is often attracts many guys but she will still remain faithful to her man (unless she's a hoe). She will hide a lot of personal emotions because she doesn't need other people's pity. She enjoys living a care free life and getting back on track is something that she can do quite easily. Having a Mariaclara can be a handful sometimes but without her you would be nothing.
me: -I have been blessed bruh.
Friend: - How so?
me: -so i was scrolling through ig and i found a mariaclara.
by martypepper March 21, 2018
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A girls name usually latin-american. She displays characteristics such as: funny, cras, open, loves animals, over uses facial features. Enjoys biology and making people laugh. However, she has a nack for being two-faced and lies constantly. Isn't trustworthy and holds a grudge. Don't get on bad side. She is stubborn and won't accept her faults. Can put friends in awkward situations and you can never tell what's true with her. She is smart and a tom-boy and enjoys classical music. Not the greatest person. Don't worry if you lose her ss a friend.
Bob: who's that latin girl over there?
James: dunno maybe she's a maria-clara?
by jonsimpson369 September 05, 2011
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