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1. An electronics shop.
2. Mong(s) against paedo licking in nigeria (the answer given when someone questions the mystery of the name of the shop)
3. A refuge for old people who want to feel that they havent completely been deleted from society...
4. A place that most people are unaware of because it doesnt advertise on tv...
5. a place where people think they can just expect the employees to know everything.. and then work miracles
6. a place where the customers are all strange
jill: my god i need an adaptor
jack: maplin sell adapters lets go there.
(nodody knows what kind of adapter they want)

Customer: so is maplin the name of the gent who founded this company?
Maploid: well it stands for erm... mongs against paedo licking in nigeria....
customer: oh....

3. uuuugh i refuse to admit my life is over! i still have an agenda! to maplin for flashing LED's!

Elf: so where do you work?
Person: maplin
Elf: what the hell is that?
person: to staples?
Elf: oh yeah that place

Customer: yeah i need a usb to firewire adapter
Maploid: no such thing mate
Customer: your wrong!! i demand to buy one! now! i hate you all!! aaaaaagh!

6. *ring ring*
hello maplin preston
hi, is this maplins?
are you open today?
and do you sell adapters?
is this the capital center?
by Dom Male March 23, 2008
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