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Definition: 1 (noun). He who excels at creating and implementing various forms of subterfuge in every day life, especially at a Poker game. 2 (noun). He who is inherently unlucky and always manages to fuck things up. Is also prone to being hit in the face by anything being thrown across a room in jest. 3 (adj). Any person displaying any qualities above. 4 (interjection). May be exclaimed in a deep yet excited whisper when something has gone well or some goal has been achieved through toil or luck.
Background: Invented spontaneously at 3AM during a poker game at the University of Maryland

Abrev: Fetus
Other Forms: Fecal, FecalMatter
Mantelfetus is the greatest guy alive.

Mantelfetus! - upon winning the lottery
by Dave Pohlson December 15, 2004
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