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Shampoo designed for or marketed towards men.
Although I love to smell like fresia, my husband likes to use his manpoo.
by hura817 March 15, 2007
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a "Man Poo" is not a one time occurance, it happens everytime the person gets drunk...

the "Man Poo" can sometimes have a different voice *not a factor of alcohol consumption* and will not remember what happend the next morning *again, not due to alcohol consumption*

Man Poo's are rather random in the things they do and regret nothing. if a Man Poo gets angry, it is advised to stay out his way.

Randomness can also include singing Epic 70's songs, stripping down to boxers, "Dancing" really badly.

Man Poo's are also typicall Males.
by Mekyle Astroturf February 16, 2009
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Man Poo is a drunk-like persona a person can possibly have while completely smashed.

this person will sing songs from the 30's to 70's and act as if they are really recent. they will also do crazy things eg. Skateboard nude while drunk, or do a handstand against a wall, pass out... but stay in handstand position.
Jamie: woa wtf is with Bob?
Adam: whats he doing?
Jamie: he's singing Christmas carols... in July?!
Adam: ha! bob is such a Man Poo!
Jamie: yea... he sure is.
by Mathew Iron Pants February 15, 2009
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