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1: Hey man what are you eating?
2: Mangorango.
3: Shut up.
2: What, that's really what I'm eating!
3: Man shut the hell up, what the hell is a mangorango?
2: It's a mango and an orange put together, look it up on!
1: Word.
3: Ehh, can I have a bite?
2: Well I paid a lot for them...
3: Alright, it's cool man, can you tell me where I can get some?
2: The supermarket has them right next to the oranges.
3: Alright, yeah they look and smell really good, I'll probably get myself some.
2: Cool.
3: I have to go.
2: Alright see ya later.
1: Man what is with that guy?
2: What do you mean, he seems cool enough I guess.
1: Nah, he's kinda a loser, I hate how he bugs me for a bite of whatever I'm eating or money or whatever, he's such a moocher.
2: I can't really blame him though, this mangorango is really good.
1: Stop saying that word 'mangorango', it sounds so stupid.
1: Alright, I've had enough of you, I think I should probably head home anyway.
2: Okay, see you tomorrow.
by hyop June 19, 2009
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