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A magical place where man whores' are invited to reside following a collection of positive, consecutive "hook ups." If the "hook ups" are negative then the man whore is booted from the stable to live in the shit fields behind the stable. That biggest man whore in the man stable stays in the master suite located in the stable. He is all that is man.
Boning that cheerleader makes me the biggest man whore in the man stable
by Dean Hauryluck September 10, 2006
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A term used by arrogant sluts to describe the collection of men that they can booty call at any point in time.
Girl #1: So whatchu doin' tonight, grrrrl?

Girl #2: Oh, I don't know. I'm feelin' kinda hornehhhhh. I'm probably gonna call up someone from my manstable for a good time. Awwww yeaaaaaaaaaa!
by kosherpicklejar March 27, 2010
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