Hold out your hand. Gaze upon it. Then make a fist. Not for punching, cheering, nor jeering; rather, for pounding man.
Limply hold your clenched first towards a friend, passerby, or anyone within reach and proudly proclaim your desire to 'man pound'.
With the blessing of Odin your request will be fulfilled as the person (or animal) you've saddled with such a loft request follows in your stead and, gingerly or not, touches their fist to yours.

Man pound. It is done.
"Uh, hey... do you like wings... on Wednesdays? Yes? Man pound!"
*brandish your clenched hand and ashen knuckles*
by HUEHUEHUEHUE1 August 22, 2018
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Pound Man is the accrington based shifty fella that once owned Accrington , what a man, until the day he sold it for £1, he thought at the time he had scored a great deal, now in the days of credit crunching ways he feels not so great.
David Bowie-(Pound Man)-The Man Who Sold The World (for £1)
by Grinder Man November 13, 2008
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