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'Malooka' is a word shrouded in mystery. Some sources date it back to the Florentine city state in the 15th century - it figures in graffiti from that era where local political figures and luminaries are often defined as being 'monstrous malookas'.

The word then went very quiet for centuries before suddenly appearing in some of the language used by prospectors during the Australian Gold Rush. Apparently it meant 'word taken from an indigenous language which then becomes a worldwide pop sensation'. So for example, a kylie is a malooka (kylie being Aboriginal for ''boomerang') since it was then adopted by the Minogue parents when they sired their elder chanteuse.

'Malooka' is also used by contemporary British artists who I can't name here as a synonym for 'kit and kaboodle'.
I took a malooka from the ancient Etruscan language when I named my daughter 'Clementianaisaana" whcih meant, in Etruscan, 'gilded lily'.
by AmadeusDevereux June 17, 2011
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