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A word used mostly by Haole’s (or caucasian) Hawaiian vacationers. It is an accidental, yet affectionate way to convey; “thanks and hello” or conversely, “thanks and goodbye”.
A man exited an aircraft into the Honolulu airport terminal and was greeted by a beautiful Hawaiian girl. As she placed a lei around his neck he shockingly thought “WHATS GOING ON!?” But suddenly, calming down, he realized he is experiencing a difference in culture and remembered the Hawaiian travel guide he read on the flight. At this time, he realized he should stop waiving his gel sanitized hands around as if he were swatting at fly’s, and reply to this kindness with “MALOHA!”. Which of course, in his mind, meant “Thank You and Hello”. But in the end was just gibberish.
by Maloha May 26, 2018
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