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The malicious mom is opposite to a deadbeat dad. Her role is destructive to a child's upbringing. The malicious mom's motivation is malice towards the other parent. It is often accepted and practiced through extreme feminism. Not all feminists agree with this practice.

Malicious mom's attempts to capitalize off her ex can include the biological father, non biological parent and in some cases fertility parents. The exploitation consists of the legal system and systematic discrimination however the child's interests are only used to further mom's favoured interests.
Courts won't stop it because of the longstanding, but meritless, belief that the maternal care is better for the child and there is no financial incentive to stop adversarial parents. Courts peddle services offered by third party organizations and councillors.

The damage done to a child is often long term. Medically if a child loses one side of their biological heritage that can pose a threat when blood or organ donations are required. Psychological damage includes depression and suicide. Often these children become malice towards the absent parent themselves not understanding their mother's role in the orchestrated conflicts by driving the other parent away. Prisons are filled with fatherless children both male and female. Many girls are subject to early childhood pregnancy or the sex trade. Those that survive often repeat the cycle in their own relationships and often end up as single parents themselves.
The malicious mom can never get enough child support and often claims a paying parent isn't paying enough or not paying at all despite all good efforts. She will also use money intended for the children to pamper herself before the child. Her efforts are to exclude the other parent from involvement in the child's life including parental interference. Often she will not work herself or is underemployed for more support.

The malicious mom refuses contact or access and visitation to the child's other parent or extended family. She will make up false accusations and use government services to her advantage such as police and child protective services often claiming abuse or neglect when there are no grounds for it. She plays the victim but is relentless in her assault on her target parent.

The malicious mom often has undiagnosed personality or mental disorder. Parental Alienation is not defined in the DSM V directly otherwise most professionals could use this diagnosis in court, however many of the symptoms mentioned above are recognized in the DSM V and can be used in court with the appropriate disorders attached providing a mental health authority has done a fair assessment.
by Targetdad January 18, 2014
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