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mal'-gram-mayr'-eeyan... (n) - a person that habitually and ruthlessly slaughters the english language by ignoring basic principals of grammar, punctuation and spelling; including, but not limited to various media (text messages, written and oral communications), printed advertisements, posters, art, and yard sale signs. Much like alcoholism, the malgrammarian is addicted to poor grammar, and the habit can devastate his/her life, as well as their family's, friends' and co-workers.
Odds are that one out of every four people will encounter problems due to poor grammar in their workplace at sometime. Malgrammarians show patterns of poor concentration, missed deadlines, misinterpreted instructions, errors in judgement and lack of attention to details. Malgrammarians rationalize the problem by denial. They deny that grammar is a problem or that any of the problems in their lives are caused by poor grammar. In spite of all the harm it causes, the malgrammarian is unable to control their use of poor grammar.
by d smith May 08, 2006
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