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Malaysian Chinese is a Malaysian of Chinese origin. Just as simple as that.

*p/s: I read the other definition for Malaysian Chinese, and it's sad to see all these nonsense, signs of failed civilization. But don't worry, it's just minority. I believe on some parts of Malaysia, the 3 main races are good friends, and the number is growing =)
Malaysian Chinese in Lang Valley invented a local dish called Loh Mee, noodle in thick gravy, meats and prawns, sometimes paired with curry for extra spice!
by In hope for better Malaysia March 31, 2011
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A minority race in Malaysia comprising of about 25% of the total population. They have been residing in Malaysia for more than 500 years, even way before the Malacca Sultanate in 15th century and British colonial rule in the 19th century (as what claimed by our manipulated history textbooks, heck, you know why :P) They are traditionally smart, hardworking and far-sighted people who managed to build up their own and ultimately Malaysia's economy despite many of them having arrived from China as dirt cheap labour.

Because of that, their success have always been an eyesore for jealous majority of Malays who are dumb enough think the dirty Chinese kaffirs are so-called robbing their land when in fact, they can't even achieve shit, and needless to say, the very same people who bear such dumb nationalistic sentiments (comparable to stupid White Supremacy) are themselves immigrants from nearby Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, bla bla bla... They often mock Chinese as being "kiasu" (afraid to lose) yet in reality, it is the Malays who are the most kiasu fucks ever (see example below)

Malaysian Chinese are historically allies with their counterparts, Malaysian Indians, as both are what experts deemed as "diaspora races" (simply said, a race that is not spoiled and spoonfed and thinks they are better than the rest of the world) as both races share similar experiences in discrimination by the Malay Muslim majority.
Example of Malay "Kiasu-ness":
Malays are so damn afraid that population of smart non-Malays would extrapolate Malays they began denying citizenship to many Malaysian Chinese citizens (that's why so many uncles and aunties still carry that red IC despite having resided in Malaysia for god knows how long) and also label any Indon, Paki, Arab, Orang Asli or Martian Tom, Dick and Harry as "Malay" in order to maintain that numerical advantage. That's why nowadays in Malaysia we have Indian Muslims or Pakis proclaiming Malay supremacy while asking Chinese and Indian minorities to go back to China or India or burn in hell as an infidel. We also having a bunch or morons running the country while the smart ones are forced to migrate to other greener grasses eg: Singapore, Australia, Canada. Ironic, you say?
by Pak Su November 28, 2010
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Malaysian Chinese are not the greatest race in the world.. the japanese are(but certainly the best in Malaysia)..but moving on about Malaysian Chinese.They represent 25% of Malaysia's population.A majority of them are buddhists and christians.Most of the chinese originated from mainland china and were brought over by the British to work the tin mines.Malaysian chinese share the country with many other races mainly the malays and the indians.Malaysian chinese generally think that they are better than the indians and malays for various reasons.The malays cant progress even after 40 over years of NEP.Indians sometimes befriend the chinese as they too are victimised by the NEP but there is a common belief among the chinese that they should never trust indians as they are double faced.Most chinese fathers tell their daughters not to marry indians because of this and not to marry malays mainly because Islam is demon religion(its a fact.what religion ask u to crash a plane into buildings killing so many innocent people?)The chinese in Malaysia are a dying race as many have migrated overseas in search of a better life.It is estimated that 2 million over Malaysian chinese have migrated overseas over the past 40 years(Malaysian Immigration Department,2007)..It can be said the Chinese can be represented as the elves in the lord of the rings as a fair race and a dying one..noble,smart,elegant and generally better looking..the malays are the orcs..serving UMNO(Mordor) and listening to every piece of shit they say...Indians are the Uruk Hai.big in size,fearsome,scary and do alot of bad things.Even though the 2008 elections gives a better chinese representation in the country.the main problem of malays and their retard dream of being "princes of the land"(BUMIPUTERA) continue to hinder the progress of the chinese.Islam has also tainted some chinese and as a result they are willing to give up their faith and culture to "masuk melayu".Chinese who do that are often called "mualaf" by the malays.They are no longer accepted by their own race and neither by the malays.It is truly a sad story on how such a strong race with so much potential is slowly dying.
Malaysian Chinese elf :We must leave these lands,we cannot survive here any longer.The orcs(malays) are trying to islamize us everyday.Some of our brothers have already added "Abdullah" to their names and are lost forever.

Fellow Malaysian Chinese elves:Yes we must leave for the great land of Australia.There malays(orcs) are shit as islam=terrorist there.Many of our brethren have migrated there.

Meanwhile not too faraway(since malays are everywhere zzz)
ORC MELAYU: AKU MAU ROGOL ADIK AKU.(i want to rape my sister)LEPAS ITU AKU MAU WOKOK ( I wan smoke later)ALLAHUWAKBAR(Praising the demon god)..CINA BABI(cursing the elves because they are just better in every way)
by Elven starseeker March 20, 2008
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group of people who is too dumb to realize that they actually lives in somebody else's land
the Malaysian chinese continuously claims that they are hard-working but it is proven that they are too lazy to read the Perlembagaan.
by cinamakanbabi January 17, 2011
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