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a makrina is a girl who likes to put out a unique image. this girl likes to have fun, but doesn't attend to have too much fun that she gets in alot of trouble. this girl is usually emotionally stable, but when she is not her emotions can mean more to her than anything else in the world. she's honored with the talent of good advice and loves to try the best she can to do what ever it takes to help/save her friends. she tries to think positive, but wont lie to you when something bad comes to mind. she is extremely honest and can be a dumb bitch sometimes, but in the end it is all worth while in becoming friends with her. she doesn't let others get to her. this girl is an overall all around girl who is willing to save anyone.
"I have been blessed and touched by that girl who is truly a saint, Makrina."

"Makrina is the one who showed me that
i don't have to try to be perfect to be the best. I just have to try to be my best to be known as the girl who has been blessed."

"What wonderous visions i see with the help of Makrina."

"Makrina told me that we cant let the past break us, we have to let the future make us."
by M* Damage February 26, 2008
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