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When two people make out for a competition. Usually, girls go to one wing of the stage and boys go to the other. The girls line up in no particular order and the boys do too. When the bell rings, the first person in each line has to go onstage and make out for ten minutes. Sometimes total strangers have to make out. The best makeout-ers get a prize.
Harrison had always liked Charlotte. She was just so pretty. When he heard that Charlotte was going to join the makeout competition for Year 8 at his school, he decided to join too. He prayed each night that he would kiss Charlotte at the makeout competition.

When he arrived that Tuesday, there were many people. In the crowd he saw Janice. He had hated Janice for as long as he liked Charlotte. He prayed that it wouldn't be Janice.

In the waiting room, he waited in line. The bell rang. After ten minutes, the bell rang again. In the fourth pair, Harrison could see from the TV that it was Charlotte on stage, kissing Anthony. This made Harrison immediately sad. When he went out, he stopped in his tracks. It was Janice! Both of them groaned as they slowly approached.

Reluctantly, their lips touched. They started kissing, slow and dry, until Harrison decided to put his tongue in Janice's mouth. He shoved it in and they started heavily making out. Their tongues touched, licked, wrestled. Harrison felt some saliva enter his mouth. He decided to mix it up with his saliva and let it drool back into Janice's. Harrison, having hated her all the time, decided to make use of those ten minutes. He held Janice's head close to him and started licking her oral features. Janice did the same back to Harrison. Harrison and Janice stood there with tongues active and with each other's drool flowing down their chins. The bell finally rang. When they parted, a long spit bridge hung between them.
by Babies porn August 23, 2013
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