The imaginary armor for a man that protects him from false “me too” accusations and/or abuse from women.

Very similar to a customer service face, make believe armor helps men interact with women and navigate the treacherous world of women’s rights.

While wearing make believe armor men can interact and simply talk with women without fear of reprisal or false accusations.

Typically make believe armor is worn at social activities such as dancing and parties but can and should probably be worn in the workplace or even at home.

While wearing make believe armor men are only able to talk about subjects that nothing sexual, sexist or overly masculine undertones or microaggressions can be taken away from ie the weather, sports stats, Wild Animal facts, and marinade recipes. Also things that are very technical like database building or power generation or ballistics.

*Make believe armor doesn’t actually exist except in the mind of a man or in other men.
Hey Ma’am ”
“Hey Sir”

“The sun has reached it’s zenith and the temperature is warmer”
“Would you say it is hot?”
“No Ma’am I would not, because I’m wearing my make believe armor, I would say it’s certainly not cold

“Dude won’t even talk about anything but the third law of thermodynamics to that girl, he’s wearing his make believe armor”

“I’m sorry Jill I would ask you to dance, but I’m wearing my make believe armor so what do you think of Tom Brady’s completion record?”
by Fact Based Person January 30, 2018
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