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Makaiah is normally a great girl. She can get ANYONE to laugh if she wanted to. She has plenty of friends and a lot of talent. She normally has brown hair and brown eyes. She LOVES god. She would have these special moments where she would just say the weirdest things you have ever heard.
Makaiah: Hey have you seen my..
Girl: Seen your what?
Makaiah: My sunglasses
Girl: 1. Those are my glasses and 2. there in your hands.
Makaiah: Oh well thanks and they are mine now :)
Girl: No there not
Makaiah: *runs away laughing and coughing and then screams "I HOPE YOU GET YOUR HIPPO IN THAT PAPER CUP BEFORE THE PARTY IN THE COMPUTER!!!!"*
Girl: What????
by robloxplayahh April 30, 2016
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