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Maiss is a person who is smart af and awesome at sports..But she is is pretty like a model and a awesome friend with great advice with anyone who really needs it and anyone wants or needs a maiss in their life.Maiss can make any boy swoon or drool over.. Maiss’s are perfect.Maiss’s are often putting other people feeling in front of others. Maiss’s are HALARIOUS and the bomb diggidty.Their usually beautiful with long hair pretty eyes with the best outfits. Maiss’s are so pretty that they make other girls jealous and boys wish that they were theirs. Maiss’s are most likely to be artist and good at basket ball and anything she put her mind to. Any person will be lucky to have a Maiss in their life.❤️😍😁
Girl one “Hey did u see maiss instagram she looked like a princess” ..Girl two ”yeah she is that best I love maiss”
by Maiss May 10, 2018
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