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An exclamation usually associated with hunting wild American rabbits in the South Eastern United States. Amongst some experienced and highly skilled rabbit hunters Maingk is yelled at a rabbit as it passes the hunter--and there are often three or four rabbits a-goin' at a time--with a series of loud hollers, e.g. "Maingk, Maingk, Maingk, Maingk!!" The rabbit will often stop right still, we reckon because he is so scaired he has to stop. If the rabbit stops, the hunter should kill him with a stick. It is said that this is a good method to stop a rabbit, and field tests prove that it does indeed work, and that if you make that fu-fu-fuss they will stop.
I'll tell you one thing, I was out a-huntin' rabbits one day and we had three or four a-goin' at the time and there come one raght by me and I said "Maingk, Maingk, Maingk, Maingk!!" And he stopped raght still and I killed him with a stick.
by H. H. Oliver August 22, 2006
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