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an amazing warlock from cassandra clare's the mortal instruments series. he also appears in the infernal devices and the bane chronicles.
a bisexual, flamboyant character who's always up for a party. he is currently dating alec lightwood.
magnus bane throughout the whole series; fab.
by supertrash September 14, 2016
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A powerful warlock from Brooklyn who is the most caring sweet kind helpful understanding selfless nice person you will ever meet on earth... he deserves all the love and happiness in the world. He's also the most beautiful and attractive person ever with his iconic and stylish outfits, makeup looks ,amazing hair styles, nail polish, pretty jewelry (rings, necklaces etc,) and OF COURSE his sassiness, personality, attitude and his MAGIC..
Magnus bane deserves the world but the world doesn't deserve Magnus bane
by malecaddixcted_ April 18, 2018
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A warlock character from the book series 'Mortal Instruments'. A fan of glitter and colors, despite his less than professional appearance he is quite powerful. Currently in a relationship with Alexander (Alec) Lightwood.

His 'warlock trait' are his golden-green cat eyes.

Warlocks in the 'Mortal Instruments' series are children of demons and humans.
Who's Magnus Bane?

An awesome, flamboyantly gay warlock.
by Peculiar Daze October 09, 2010
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