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1) a "bad" man, much Like Stakker Lee
2)to be the epitome of the fuck you attitude.

if yer lookin this up, you dont get him. He isn't the baddest motherfucker of all time, but rule number one about him is this: even try to fuck with him, and he will turn your life into a bigger embarrasment than what it was.
1) "That man stole my girl, my credit, my whole life, he must be the Mad Ice Villain"
2) Dude, Giorgeeo is so dumb, I emailed him and he told ME to get a life...
b) to be a Mad Ice Villain you have to be right about everything you believe in, and have the knowledge and expertise in multiple languages, cultures, be well versed in hundreds of authors, and be able to spit it like it was your dying day
by The Dyin' Crapshooter February 20, 2004
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