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The Biggest Douchefag's on earth!
They just hate OS X and they never give a reason why they hate them... They just do!
Fact: Hitler hated macs.
Mac Lover: Hey dude, I'm have finally saved up 1 Billion Dollars... I'm gonna go buy an Imac!
mac Hater: Don't do that
Mac Lover: Why not?
Mac Hater: Because macs suck
Mac Lover: Macs rule!
mac Hater: No! They suck!
Mac Lover" why?
Mac hater: look i don't have time for this!
Mac Lover: Bullshit! That's what all mac haters say!
Mac Hater: Okay i will give you a reason!
Mac Lover: finally!
Mac hater: You cannot play games on a mac
Mac Lover: There are actually games for macintosh And... Who needs Games when you have porn and torrents?!
Mac Hater: You get viruses doing those
Mac Lover: Not on a mac!
Mac Hater: screw Off!
by le penis head December 01, 2009
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